Enviro-Safe Protection provides environmentally safe pest control services in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Enviro-Safe Protection provides environmentally safe pest control services in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our Family Serving Yours 
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"I would definitely recommend!  Kids came home from college and brought palmetto bugs with them. I messaged the company last night and got a reply by this morning that they could come today. Nina was so nice on the phone and Jordan came and was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly."

Kelly M. Delray Beach, FL



"Great company... always willing to help... great prices."

Nilson Silva



"As a professional property manager for residential, medical, commercial, and industrial projects for over 25 years, I need to surround myself with knowledgeable experts. Enviro-Safe has been my "Go-To" Guys when it comes to pest control for a long time. They are the best!"

Ken Soler, Owner, Triax Group of South Florida, Delray Beach, FL



"Since my husband and I began using Enviro-Safe Pest Control, we have not seen the plethora of tiny ants marching on our kitchen and bath counters, nor a stray roach that has flown in! They seem to simply move on to a house more easily accessible! The technicians they employ are always pleasant, cordial, and knowledgeable in their field and move about our home with respect and without disruption. They even put little booties so as not to bring dirt into the home! The office is efficient and courteous. We receive a reminder call when it is time for our service and the technician comes at the time arranged. I am confident to refer ALL my friends to Enviro-Safe Pest Control."

Mrs. Loretta Schoen, Boca Raton, FL



"Of course I think Enviro-Safe is the best company around. They setup an appointment,  come out on time. They put little booties over their shoes when they come into my home which is a nice touch. The treatment they use is mostly outside so no bad odors or fear of any adverse effects from the treatment. The nice thing too is my house is free of pests until they come again. And the service man is friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend Enviro-Safe to anyone."

Adleen Rawlings Boca Raton, FL



"I have been very satisfied with the superior service I have gotten from Envirosafe Pest Control! I have had their service for years and no bugs in sight! I am especially impressed with their technicians as they come when they say they will and do a wonderful job each and every time. You will not be disappointed when you call this company!"

Diane Bruton Boca Raton, FL



"Enviro-Safe has kept our home safe from bugs and termites for the past five years. We highly recommend this effective and trustworthy company for pest control in the house and yard as well as termite eradication."

The Petry Family Boca Raton, FL



"Before Enviro-Safe, I didn't know what to expect from a pest control company. I felt like the ants were in charge at my house, but now that I am an Enviro-Safe customer, I understand what great service, quality, and value means again. I've used some of those other companies, and twice they charged me and didn't even show up. They didn't attack the problem, they barely managed it, and I had to keep buying additional services which, in the end, didn't even work. Just when I didn't think anyone could fix my problem, Enviro-safe took care of what the other pest control companies couldn't or wouldn't, so, I'm proud to say they protect my home. Thanks for being budget-friendly, and "green", and for being great people to do business with!"

Carla Powers Boynton Beach, FL