October is definitely a great time of the year to be in Florida. It's the time of the year when it gets a little comfortable the wind picks up and the breezes are cooler. This is the time to fertilize your lawn. If you are a garden enthusiast here are some tips and recipes for composting and do it yourself fertilizer for your garden or lawn. 

Here are some tips from Quick and Dirty Tips 

Hydrogen Peroxide for plant roots. 

Help Strengthen your plant's root system. The extra pump of oxygen from the peroxide prevents root rot and over-watering. Just mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with 2 cups of water and water your plants with the solution. 


D.I.Y. Miracle Grow


1. 1 Gallon Water

2. 1 tbs Epsom Salt 

3. 1 tbs backing soda 

4. 1 tsp Ammonia


Mix together and use once a month. 


Easy D.I.Y. Composting


Coffee Grinder

4 Containers 

cookie sheet and/or Cooling rack 

used coffee grinds 


banana peels 


1. Spread the coffee grinds on a cookie sheet then place in the sun and let them dry. 

2. Wash your egg shells and place them in sun to dry too. 

3. Place banana peels on cookie sheet or cooling rack, dry them out. 

4. Once coffee grinds are dry put in container. 

5. When egg shells are dry grind them in the coffee grinder. Then store in separate container.

6. When the banana peels have dehydrated they will be black and brittle. Grind those next. Then place in their own container.

7. Once you are ready to use, combine the 3 ingredients in equal parts and mix together. Now you have free plant fertilizer made with recycled materials.